Paris Hilton and Her Stupid Blue Sunglasses

March 07, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Did you miss Paris Hilton shopping candids? I bet you didn’t.

Here she is trying out different pairs of sunglasses and admiring her own figure in the store mirror.

To bad she made again a bad choice going home with a stupid pair of blue sunglasses.

paris hilton wearing stupid blue sunglasses

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3 Responses to “ Paris Hilton and Her Stupid Blue Sunglasses ”

  1. # 1 flashyshades Says:

    i couldn’t even bring myself to blog about these!

  2. # 2 ..... Says:

    they suit her…..
    so y not

  3. # 3 The Fashionables Says:

    I like the sunglasses Paris Hilton is wearing at the picture. It’s cute fashionable, and suit her. Paris Hilton Sunglasses is one of the many sunglasses that I’m wanting to have someday.

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