Amy Winehouse Is Going To Rehab

March 26, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

On Monday Amy has visited her husband in jail and today we are to find out that she might go to rehab because of all the crack she puts into her she is about to lose control of her own life.

Her staff blame her situation on the fact that there are too many temptation for her in the UK so they took in consideration taking Amy to a rehab abroad.


There are two clinics on their lists, one is in South Africa in Cape Town and the other one is in Israel, but they didn’t said when will this happen.

Meanwhile Amy is about to sign a contract with Aryan Tieleman, the manager of the most weird nightclub in the world. If Amy will sign, she will have to perform at the opening of Anyan’s club in Rotterdam for £350,000.

That will be great news but the club is placed on a street that is in the heart of the biggest drugs circuit in Holland?

The opening of the club will take place in September. So I don’t see how will Amy will be supposed to cure in the rehab if when she will get out she will go in this druggy club to sing.

Will she resist to all the temptations?

Photo: Celebutopia

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