Britney Spears Voice Is Fraud

March 26, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

In a recent interview in Sun Media, Henry Rollins said that Britney Spears voice is a fraud. In fact it’s a half fraud because she sings, but her voice is mixed with the voice of a black woman who sings Britney’s songs.

They have the black chick come in and sing, and Britney sings over it, and they mix them together
Britney gets her phrasing basically from this older R&B woman. I found that out talking to an engineer.
Britney apparently isn’t actually the worst singer, she just has no feel. So they bring in this older black woman who sings the song, then Britney sings to it, and they kind of make a mix of the two voices, and that’s what you hear on the records.


I do not really care about this as I am no Britney’s music fan but it’s hard to believe they mix her voice with a black woman’s voice. I like to think is not a black woman but a Chinese woman. Well, we shall see what Britney’s spoke person will have to say about this.


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One Response to “ Britney Spears Voice Is Fraud ”

  1. # 1 R Says:

    i hate brittany she is a bitch a whore and mixing a coloured womans voice is slick sorry SICK

    why would anyone wanna listen too her

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