Branjelina’s Babies Might Cost 10 Million Dollars

March 28, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

After paying Jennifer Lopez 6 million dollars for her twins photos, Angelina and Pitt might earn 10 million dollars for their twins photos.

In our days seems like celebrities could start a new business and forget about singing, acting, shopping or whatever they do to be famous.
The business is quite simple. They hook up with another famous celebrity and they start making babies. Then, they could sell the very first photos of the babies to some huge magazine for millions of dollars.


Take the example of Jennifer Lopez who sold the photos of her twins to People Magazine for 6 million dollars. Now they want to buy Angelina Jolie’s babies photos for 10 million dollars. I wouldn’t like to be in J. Lo’s shoes right now. She is probably very pissed off for accepting only $6 millions, but she should understand that the father of her kids is not even near as famous as Jolie’s babies father Brad Pitt.

Here is what Levine, Enquirer Executive Editor have to say about the baby phenomenon:

It’s become big business now,” Levine said. “It’s outrageous, they’ve gotten very sophisticated. The rights are bought up now even before the celeb enters the hospital. They hire extra security so it’s impossible to obtain a photo illegally.


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