Lindsay Lohan Picks Her Nose

April 02, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

What better occupation can a blonde Lohan have other then shopping?

It’s obvious, shopping, picking her nose and walking next to a creature who’s sex was not very well determined when it was born.
Lindsay should better start doing something interesting if she wants us to keep on writing about her.

She should try something grater then changing her hair color back to blonde.

Well, she could go to a gym and try lose some weight or start playing a real role in a movie. But I guess she has no idea what acting is like.

So she will keep on pose next to the alien creature always wearing a hat just to cover her extraterrestrial transmitting aerials.

Looking at her picking determination I start to believe she was searching for some sort of brain intelligence reminiscences.

lindsay lohan picks her nose

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