Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Friends With Ana

April 04, 2008 By: michelle Category: Skinny Diva

Have you ever asked yourself what Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes do to be so slim? There were a lot of speculation about their weight loss over the years and on everyone’s lips there was only one word: anorexia

Now, Life&Style Magazine writes an interesting article about how celebrities control their weight.

Looks like Victoria and Katie met couple of days ago at Madeo Restaurant in LA and had dinner. The shocking fact is that the two ordered only a meal for one person and split it. They even shared one bottle of Coke mixing it with water.

victoria beckham shopping at resurrection on melrose

The two split a meal meant for one person, sharing a green salad sans dressing, one piece of fish and one side of steamed spinach. They also ordered one regular Coke and two glasses of ice. Katie poured half the soda into each of their glasses, then filled up the rest with bottled water. They do it all the time. It’s how they control calories.

Suddenly I feel very hungry. I better go eat lunch and stop feeling sorry for these two that didn’t even know how to smile.

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  1. # 1 Anonymous Realist Says:

    Is this really surprising to you folks?

    We wrote about it a year ago.

    It’s part Scientology, part Hollywood.

    And restaurant portions are huge anyway, except in LA. ;)

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