Victoria Beckham And The Story Of Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Advertising Campaign

April 08, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

After having a rough time looking at this photo of Victoria Beckham I couldn’t sleep for about a week. Now I understand why I couldn’t sleep.

Because here comes photo number 2 from Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 advertising campaign where I learn from Victoria that for a good sleep I have to suck my fingers but only if they have gloves covering them.


So I tried out that and I came up with having nightmares and dreaming I was having such a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag but the bag was ruled by a golden frog that didn’t wanted me to wear the bag unless I would have kissed it.


So for couple of days I have this nightmare and I always get up being afraid to kiss the frog and I say to myself that one morning I should kiss it, the bag deserves at least that much.

Photos: StyleFrizz

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