Jennifer Aniston Wants To Adopt a Baby Boy

April 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

I still don’t understand why is so hard for Jennifer Aniston to find a man and make a kid with him. If I were a guy I would have offered myself to her for this purpose.

Anyway the latest news about this matter is that Jennifer wants to adopt a child until this Christmas.
She seems to have already installed a $250.000 nursery into her mansion and she has already chosen the gender of the baby she wants to adopt. This time is set to adopt a baby boy and in the near future a baby girl.

courteney cox jennifer aniston hug

She’s now decided to find a baby in LA and she likes the name Alexander, which means ‘defender of men’ in Greek.
It’s a family name her younger half brother is called Alex.


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  1. # 1 baby boy Says:

    I think she will be a good mom.

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