Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Live Together

April 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Here is the magnificent Lindsay Lohan with her blonde curly hair blown by the wind. Well yes, that is exactly what Lindsay is doing lately, she is very often seen going or coming back from a hair salon.

Apart from that the big news about Lindsay that I especially wait is the moment of truth when Lindsay will admit she is gay and that she loves her extraterrestrial friend Samantha.

One big step was already made when Sam moved with Lindsay last week. She said she moved there to take care of Lindsay and watch her not to do stupid things. Yeah! Right! And I am Elvis!


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2 Responses to “ Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Live Together ”

  1. # 1 Anonymous Says:

    I’d be wearing my necklace of garlic around this one…

  2. # 2 Soleil Says:

    I think Lindsay is bi. She’s not one to say no to a guy too.

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