Victoria You Are Not Teaching Your Kids Well

April 18, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Yesterday the Beckham family had to celebrate Posh’s bday. The celebration took place at a mexican restaurant Pink Taco.
We all know Victoria doesn’t smile so often, in fact she just doesn’t smile at all, but now her little sun Cruz has something against the world? I believe the little kid just hates the paparazzi and all the attention his parents receive.
Is it his mom, Victoria that thought him that sign? Or is the dad, David that once showed the middle finger to England fans in 2000. Or maybe this is the way his parents communicate at home…


Photo: matrixphotos

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One Response to “ Victoria You Are Not Teaching Your Kids Well ”

  1. # 1 Jean Says:

    This picture is hilarious, although the kid is probably just rubbing his nose with his finger.

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