Jessica Simpson Is a Wild Blonde

April 22, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

After finding out that Jessica Simpson has drinking problems nothing could amaze me when seeing her walking on the street or partying hard with her beau Tony Romo.

Here she is giving him a full of cake kiss. They were probably brushing each other’s teeth with their tongs. I find the photo disgraceful, because of that I choose to let you see another face of Jessica Simpson, when she has her tough in her mouth and big sunglasses cover her eyes. Yes, she had a bad hair day, we all have but she is kind of funny in that photo.

jessica simpson bad hair day and ugly sunglasses

Jessica is like one of those dumb, silly girls that are available anytime you want them to do whatever you wish. Let’s hope for her own good that she didn’t had sex at Tony party and that no one has recorded the scene.

jessica simpson at tony romo bday ugly face

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