Katie Holmes Talks About Her Rumored Divorce

April 24, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Now it’s time for Katie Holmes to talk about her supposed divorce.

She confessed to a friend that all those gossips and rumors about her marriage with Tom upset her and that it is difficult for her to read on every magazine that she is going to divorce Tom.

Katie wishes she didn’t care about the gossip and rumors, but it is hard for her not to. She is such a sweet person and never has anything bad to say about anyone. She doesn’t understand why some people are wishing problems on her and Tom.


What Katie doesn’t understand is that no one wishes her to have problems with husband Tom and that is her fault because all those rumors. She is the one looking pale, sick and skinny. She is the one that doesn’t smile as often as she did before marrying Tom.


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  1. # 1 sylvie Says:

    Oh come on. Of course she is smiling less than when she was younger, more carefree and without responsibilities. It happens to everyone as we grow older–doesn’t mean we are unhappy, just preoccupied with caring for family, raising children, juggling a career, etc. Add to that the possibility of trying for another baby and the unsolicited negativity beamed their way via strangers and the media, I can imagine that there is a lot going on.

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