Heidi Klum Wants To Feed Up Victoria Beckham With Cupcakes

May 01, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

If you didn’t know Heidi Klum is one of Victoria Beckham’s friends. Being Victoria’s birthday last month Heidi Klum thought making a very sweet present to Posh. So she gave her a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles and she even made it possible that the treats will be delivered every Friday for a year.

This must be the sweetest present Victoria got. I start to believe Heidi wants to make Victoria gain weight or something because I can’t find another reason why would someone make such a present.

Victoria is well known for her anorexic figure and for the fact that she will never touch a cookie so I guess Heidi’s present didn’t make Vic very happy.


What can I say with such a friend Victoria has all the chances to become an obese at the end of this year as the cupcakes have around 170,000 calories that will be around 19kg / 42lbs.

Will keep an eye on Victoria’s weight just in case we caught her eating a cupcake.

heidi_klum_launches_the_heidi_klum_by_jordache_collection-2.jpg heidi_klum_launches_the_heidi_klum_by_jordache_collection-3.jpg heidi_klum_launches_the_heidi_klum_by_jordache_collection-4.jpg

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  1. # 1 Alice Says:

    Oh give me a bucket!

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