Jessica Simpson Admits She Is In Love On Glamour Magazine Cover

May 01, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Jessica Simpson gives us a big smile from Glamour magazine cover. She has all the reasons to smile as she is in love (drunk?!).

I’m in love. Big Time. It’s only four months. I can’t believe it. It feels like forever. I love this guy….I think it’s ironic that I fell in love with a man I thought I would never be interested in because he’s an athlete. I was always, an athlete? Heck no.


He reintroduced me to myself. I thought that I had to be deeper, more profound and more artsy. You change with the guys you date.
Tony taught me that because he loves me. He made me feel comfortable again.
I had butterflies that you would not imagine. I wanted to puke in the cup holder … It took me forever to put together an outfit!


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