Blake Feels He Let Down His Wife Amy Winehouse

May 05, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

After all the bad things that happened in Amy’s life in the past month, her husband Blake is full of regrets.

First it was said that he wanted to divorce Amy because of her supposed involvement with Alex Haines, her manager’s assistant.

Now Blake still behind bars has wrote a note to his fans in which he express his sorrow about failing being next to Amy.

I heard I’m the worst celebrity of the year! I’m not even a celebrity!! My wife has the voice, I’m just her husband!
All I ever wanted was a normal life getting on with my job (music videos – but no one ever accepts I did work) and trying to make Amy happy!
Guess I’m failing at both now, hey?

It gets a bit hard sometimes, especially when I read I’m fighting and most annoyingly that I’d shaved all my hair off!! I am actually very upbeat most of the time and I think I should probably write you a happier letter soon.

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