Gwyneth Paltrow On The Cover Of V Magazine

May 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

I am staring at Gwyneth’s body and I still can’t accept this woman had already 2 kids and she looks like this. This is something we, normal woman should fight for. I don’t think the photos are photoshoped because I’ve seen her at ‘Iron Man’ movie premiere and she looked amazing!

In the interview she gave to V Magazine she talks about her macrobiotic diet. Among all the other things I want to point out the fact that in the end it’s true a nice fit body is kept with a lot of workout and without mean and sugar in our diets.

I was macrobiotic for about three or four years, but when I got pregnant with Apple I wanted french fries, grilled cheese, and yoghurt, so it kind of went out the window. I couldn’t look at brown rice. It made me throw up. But being macrobiotic is basically about eating local, organic, seasonal food that isn’t processed, and that’s how I eat now, so it’s not that different. I haven’t eaten meat for about fifteen years. I eat fish, a little bit of dairy — not much milk — but I love cheese. We’ll make chocolate chip cookies and eat them, but sugar makes me feel pretty bad. I have coffee and wine. I’ve got lots of lovely vices.

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