Amy Winehouse Has Another Chance To Say ‘No’ To Rehab

May 23, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Two months ago there were some rumors about Amy Winehouse going to the rehab in Israel. The rumors were denied the next day by Wino’s rep.

Now the Sun is reporting that Amy will go to the rehab facility in Israel after all. I doubt again the crack addict has finally admitted she has a problem and that she will do something about it.

In fact I start to believe the article is some sort of advertising scheme for the Israeli rehab institution and especially for one doctor working there, Andre Waismann.

Amy’s people spoke to a renowned Israeli institution and an Israeli professor who conducts a very special and effective method.
She has requested to come to him to do this method, since it’s a method that is suitable for her.
All of my patients are discharged healthy and no longer dependent.
There is a misunderstanding about drug addiction. People think it is a social and psychological problem, but it’s a neurological problem.
Whether it’s Amy Winehouse or anyone else, it is a privilege to be able to treat anyone who is opiate-dependent, and allow them to live a normal life.

Photo via celebutopia

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