Amy Winehouse Wears Diapers?

May 27, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

‘This is the end’ … well at least it could be for Amy Winehouse.

She was photographed wearing diapers, or at least this is how it looks like. I could make a bad joke about it but I won’t.

It’s too sad to see her like that.

The German article claims that Amy was wearing diapers under the flower dress while she was on her way to visit her husband Blake in prison.

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Here is a closer photo of Amy’s diapers. Here is a closer photo of Amy’s diapers and to me it looks like she’s wearing a panty and that piece of fabric hanging in there it doesn’t look at all as a diaper. It’s just a weird piece of fabric, not a diaper.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to “ Amy Winehouse Wears Diapers? ”

  1. # 1 Ms.Ni'Chole Says:

    Why is everyone all up under her dress?? I like Amy Winehouse and I think her music is Great…she is just going through somethings in her life…Being Famous is a Transition and she just hasn’t found her niche`….

  2. # 2 b9b Says:

    That’s definitely not a diaper. Diapers are thick and cover up everything, and as you can see it’s not covering everything if you catch my drift. There are 2 parts of fabric. the one that covers most of that area is simply just a pair of basic cotton panties from the looks. The other peice of fabric looks like just a loose liner or peice of fabric from the inside of the skirt. That’s all.

  3. # 3 C Says:

    It’s a slip that came down between her legs, duh.

  4. # 4 Lena Says:

    Very obviously a misunderstanding.

    I’m incontinent myself, but I can honestly say more men actually find them attractive on some level than otherwise, and I’m not exaggerating. I sometimes wonder if I’m actually at an advantage over other women. It seems so. Strangest thing.

    and b9b, many good diapers aren’t very obvious at all (sound, odor or physical size), it depends mostly on how you dress

    hope she beats her crack habit :/

  5. # 5 Matteao Says:

    Wow. I remember seeing this picture before it made headline news. Its so a fake, it is not a diaper at all. I think the German site which posted it as a diaper picture should be shut down, no offence to the AB/DL scene out there (i’m a DL myself, so no knocking comments), Don’t go making false posts in order to boost your site ratings, it’ll only F**k you over on bandwidth at the end of the month, and it pisses people off to see a claim of a diaper pic, being a huge fraud

  6. # 6 bob Says:

    that is not a diaper

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