Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Bought A $60 Million Chateau In France

May 27, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

It’s already know the fact that Angelina wants to give birth in France. But we weren’t expecting that the Jolie-Pitt family had plans to actually move to France.

But things aren’t as we expect them to be so the famous couple has bought a $70 million chateau in south of France. Yes! A chateau, not a house. The estate has 35 bedrooms and 1000 acre, a vineyard a lake, a forest and a moat.

They’ll be moving in roughly three months and living there full- time. They’re going to enroll the kids in a local French school and they already have friends there like Bono and The Edge from U2 and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. They’ve already bought a couple of million pounds worth of antiques to fill the place and are planning renovations with their Berlin based architects.

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