Madonna Won’t Pay For Her New Toilet Seat

May 30, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Madonna proves again she is the diva. During her stay in France she asked that every toilet seat to be changed with a new one in her hotel apartment. She got what she wished for, a fresh new toilet seat but the problem is Madonna doesn’t wants to pay $92,000 to the hotel because her bathroom was filmed, and the video was aired on Canal Plus France.

We can all get used with the idea of her taking a piss on a new toilet, that’s not a big deal, Mariah Carey could ask for that too, but not paying for your stay there is what only a diva could do. Even so, I suppose she could have done better and say from the beginning she won’t be there if the hotel won’t let her stay for free.

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One Response to “ Madonna Won’t Pay For Her New Toilet Seat ”

  1. # 1 jeevan Says:

    well if any one who video has been taken every 24 hours while he/she is going to the bathroom and is published in the channel will obviously say that he/she will not pay the amount of the hotel.
    in the same way madonna also does not want her image to be recorded each time she visits the bathroom.
    so no more arguments on madonna okay understand the siyuation and then say what is right and wrong.

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