Lindsay Lohan Hates Giving Away Her Clothes

June 01, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Lindsay Lohan will front the Visa Swap fashion event, this year. The show is about giving away clothes. Lindsay job is to convince people and celebrities to swap their unwanted clothes.

Because of this event she agree to give an interview for women.timesonline. In the interview there is one interesting thing Lindsay says. She admits she hates giving away clothes.

They why did they chose her? Is this the way to convince people to swap clothes for a good cause?I think not.

They should dump Lindsay and chose someone else who’s not selfish when it comes to clothes.

“Usually I hate giving away clothes,â€? she says. “Everything I wear, it has such personality, but I think this is an amazing idea, so I’m more than willing to give what I can.â€?

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2 Responses to “ Lindsay Lohan Hates Giving Away Her Clothes ”

  1. # 1 Ann Says:

    I guess when it comes to clothes Lindsay is a taker not a giver.:)

  2. # 2 mindy Says:

    if there is anyway that mabe me and my sisters could have the clothes becuse we dont have anothe money to bye clothes because of bills and other payments so itgets really hard each year to try to get clothes.

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