Mary-Kate Olsen on Elle Magazine July 2008

June 04, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

Something is wrong with this cover. They made Mary-Kate look so much like her sister (kidding, of course). Seriously now do you see that leg? In fact can you please tell me is it a leg or a hand?

Because you see, in the photo she has only one hand and one thing that is supposed to be a leg.
Even if that could be a leg, where is the other one? Mary-Kate like every healthy human being has 2 legs!!

Please people from Elle, give Mary-Kate her leg and hand back she is human you know! She deserves them. And please stop cropping, cutting, airbrushing people! They are fine just the way they are. You almost lost a leg and a hand here, see… you should stop making fun of them like this.

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One Response to “ Mary-Kate Olsen on Elle Magazine July 2008 ”

  1. # 1 Andressa Costa Says:

    Well…her other hand is on her back.
    Its clearly to see her other fingers… :D

    And the other leg? HA, the dress is hiding it.

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