Sienna Miller Dumped Rhys Ifans

June 04, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Sienna Miller didn’t even get to go to the wedding because now she has dumped her fiance Rhys Ifans.

The reason of the dump is because Rhys was way to jealous as Sienna kept of seeing with her ex Matthew.

Things have been awkward for a while after she caught Rhys going through her text messages.
She went bananas and Rhys said he was looking for what he called ‘incriminating evidence’. He has been giving her a hard time lately, questioning her commitment to him and the time she puts into the relationship.

She compared him to a spotlight shining in her face all the time. He is heartbroken they have split. Sienna feels really sorry for him because he had slotted into her family perfectly, but she couldn’t cope with his suspicious and jealous behavior.
When they are together they get on so well. But she can’t cope with his jealousy.

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