PETA Wish A Hairy Happy Birthday To Olsen Twins

June 09, 2008 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News

Again PETA has something with the Olsen twins, and this time they plan a hairy surprise happy bday present for the twins. The Olsen twins will be celebrating their birthday this Friday.

The twins are still sporting as much fur as ever. Since they seem to be in such dire need of extra hair on their bodies, let’s give them some of ours—and send a strong message while we’re at it….Save that hair in a bag and mail it to the twins with a note that says, “Please, use my hair instead of the animals’. Happy Birthday.”

What do you think? Is PETA going too far with this hairy bday present?

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2 Responses to “ PETA Wish A Hairy Happy Birthday To Olsen Twins ”

  1. # 1 S Says:

    they’re totally going wayyy too far! that’s not even just RUDE! it’s outrageous! so not hot not cool. MK and Ash might use fur and it might be wrong but still that’s just sick!

  2. # 2 Celebrity News Says:

    Beyonce is sexy! Did anyone see the photos of her at the endorsments she did for Pepsi and Tommy Hilfiger. She was looking so fine.

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