Blake Wants To Smash Pete Doherty Into Pieces

June 11, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

The love story about Amy Winehouse and her imprisoned husband Blake continue. This time it’s not about another crack video it’s about jealousy.

Blake is kind of jealous of Pete Doherty. He believes his wife Amy is sleeping with Pete. This seems to upset Blake so much that he offered a hardman up to $40,000 to smash Pete into pieces.

Blake better be upset because he turned Amy into a crack addict and messed up her life.

We were sitting in my cell and he said, ‘If you get Doherty for me I’ll give you $40,000.’ He kept saying, ‘Can you arrange it?’ and telling me to get some guys to his house. He knew the address. He said, ‘Amy’s obviously sleeping with him.
He knew I used to be a doorman and knew some tough people. He said he wanted him smashed to pieces.

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