Nicole Richie Will Have Her Own Reality Show

June 12, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Some time ago Paris Hilton announced she will have a reality show in a try to find a girl that could become her best friend. Dumb thing!

Now Nicole Richie is said to be doing almost the same thing. So, Nicole Richie will have a show in which she will search for the next Nicole Richie girl. Dumb thing too! And there are already three cable networks that are interested in this show.

nicole richie

I believe Nicole is trying so hard to find another Nicole Richie because she is probably tiered of staying home with her baby girl when others have so much fun. So, she plans this reality show, she finds the perfect girl and then she will be free to go wherever whenever she would want, while Harlow won’t feel the difference between her real Nicole Richie mother and the fake one.

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