Suri and Tom Cruise Celebrated A Post Father’s Day

June 16, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

We haven’t seen Suri in a while. Well she is doing fine even if she didn’t spent Fathers Day with her dad, Tom Cruise because he was with his adopted kids Isabella and Connor.

Suri had the change to enjoy her father’s company after the week end when Tom came to Los Angeles to celebrate a post Father’s day.

suri and tom cruise fathers day

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3 Responses to “ Suri and Tom Cruise Celebrated A Post Father’s Day ”

  1. # 1 ALICE IDDINS Says:

    I just wanted to say Suri will be beautiful with–or without bangs! Is she getting a little impatient with the Paparotzi? It looks like she’s coming out of her friendliness with the camera! Who could blame her! Is she a little spoiled? , who could blame them for loving her that much?

  2. # 2 Glady Says:

    I love Suri!!! So beautiful and I know that Tom Cruise loves her so much just like the way he loves his two other kids.

  3. # 3 LALA Says:

    The are so adorable cute!

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