Britney Spears Wants To Move To Chateau Suenos

June 18, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Britney Spears’s father wants to sell her Studio City home with the purpose of buying another property.

The main reason is because he wants to move Britney out of the house in which she spent most of the time of her troubled days. He believes a house with open spaces will be a good thing for Britney and her children.

Now according to this website the Spears are looking to buy this wonderful property named Chateau Suenos.

Chateau Suenos Britney Spears\'s new home

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3 Responses to “ Britney Spears Wants To Move To Chateau Suenos ”

  1. # 1 Ann Says:

    A change of surrounding might really be good for Britney. Props for Britney’s Dad for straightening out his little girl. Brit looks calm and okay these days.

  2. # 2 Jessica Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the post. I have quoted it on my blog.

  3. # 3 selena lavato Says:

    its beautiful britney u may tk dis home before anyone else . britt there is question 4 u that my dream is also 2 become a popstar wat should i do 2 become a popstar i need ur help plz help me if u can now i m 11 goin 2 be 12 plz tell me plz plz plz reply soon . bye tc. urs kshamakshi

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