Karolina Kurkova Has Cellulite and Love Handles

June 19, 2008 By: michelle Category: Supermodel Diva

Karolina Kurkova is one of the angels from Victoria’s Secret. We all know how a girl has to look to become a Victoria’s Secret angel so seeing these photos with Karolina makes me wonder what happened to her.

Karolina was present this week in Brazil at a fashion show. She did were a bikini bathing suit and judging by the pictures she doesn’t have any more the body of a supermodel. She has cellulite, pudge and love handles.

It’s hard for me to believe this, I just think the photos were photoshoped or something.
What do you think?

karolina kurkova in brazil

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24 Responses to “ Karolina Kurkova Has Cellulite and Love Handles ”

  1. # 1 Jennifer Says:

    I used to have pretty bad cellulite which only got worse after I get pregnant. I had it mostly around my inner thighs and bottom and a bit on my tummy as well. I tried eating more healthy food and did a lot of exercise as well which friends and family members recommended but my skin was still lumpy and floppy. I then recently read an article by a lady who claimed to have got rid of her cellulite by using a particular cream. I tried it and it worked pretty well. It took a couple of weeks but my skin had improved a lot and I managed to get rid of my cellulite completely. You can read more about the lady’s article at the link below:


  2. # 2 JO Says:

    It is called, being a woman. Sometimes reality happens.

    It is possible to get rid of, but it takes some work.

  3. # 3 Jaques Says:

    whilst they look like unflattering photos (for a model), we should remember that the shot was but a millisecond in time, im sure the next sequence would have been beautiful… Just a bit of bad luck, thats all.

  4. # 4 smithy Says:

    thats a real woman, i would rather see that than stick and bone. woman who are full are beautiful. nothing wrong with her. yas are just jealous ;-)

  5. # 5 Bella Says:

    I agree with Smithy . . .it is reality and it is great to see a real woman out there.

  6. # 6 Mike Says:


  7. # 7 Showbiz Says:

    it’s true karolina k has put on a few pounds – she blames her weight gain on her thyroid problems. (Cells in the body seem to work slower due to lower metabolism. Some of this excess energy is being stored by the body for future use. The body does this by turning the excess energy in calories into fat. This in turn becomes additional weight in the body.)

    she has been modeling for years and kept her super skinny supermodel physique for as long as i can remember. has always been in top form until recently. i dont think she can help it, so pple STOP BASHING HER!

  8. # 8 Bob Says:

    I think she looks hot. I would def do her

  9. # 9 skater Says:

    thats what a real women should look like guys dont tend to like girls if they are really thin like stick and bones shes really pretty

  10. # 10 lucia Says:

    Unbelievable.. have we completely lost our minds?! She’s a supermodel, she’s obviously hot, and that body i’m sure any woman would kill for. Come on, it’s skin, we all have it, and compared to alot of the population, that would be a very tiny piece of it. Why is this even an issue? What does it matter to us anyway? There are way more important things to worry about, making this seem so stupid that its not worth even mentioning. That is not fat, that is perfectly heathly. I mean isn’t it crazy? The superficiality that we all live in, I’m 16, what sort of message does this send to people? Not to mention, the self confidence and esteem of a teenager. WAKE UP the world is mad if thats what you call cellulite and pudge. There are soo many things that are wrong about the media portraying people like this that I actually am scared to know what comes next in the magazines and blogs.. ‘wow she has boobs and an ass- OBESE!’
    it’s really sad and I really hope it starts to change around, not that I can see that happening anytime soon. Well I can always hope.

  11. # 11 matthew Says:

    Ooops. I didn’t realize you weren’t an English speaking person. I’m sorry!

  12. # 12 Anna Says:

    learn to spell

  13. # 13 wanda Says:

    u call that love handles??? she is a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. # 14 jennyj Says:

    She is pretty and definitely does not have the typical stick thin supermodel body judging by these pics, but the pictures do make her butt look small, completely undefined, and very unflattering in comparison to the rest of her body in these pics–not very nice, but she looks normal–It makes no sense to bash her, and it also doesn’t make sense to glorify her and say “this is what a woman should look like” ??? Since when do we get to decide what women “should” look like? It’s not ok to “bash” women who are overweight but ok to undermine the beauty of women who are naturally thin just because you aren’t attracted to slimness? Women are “supposed” to look like however GOD created them. Beauty comes in all sizes, and the naturally thin models are also beautiful, as is she. There is no one size fits all when it comes to women, and there is no such thing as a “Real” woman, implying that thinner women are less than “real” and less than flattering…that is equally offensive and insulting to slim women. Many larger women often use these euphemisms for being a little over weight to make themselves feel better and put thin women down..calling themselves “curvy” or “thick, “full-figured” as opposed to overweight.

  15. # 15 Jeni H. Says:

    She definitely doesn’t look like supermodel material anymore. This place is called superficial diva- ppl need to leave the idealistic and intellectual at home. Is this the body of a SUPERMODEL? heck no. I will say however, that the girl is definitely not a stick, especially not in term of a cosmopolitan city. I don’t know where the rest of you are from- but seriously, hit the gym, obesity is the number one killer in america.

  16. # 16 Nula Says:

    I am actually pleased to see this. It’s the most realistic and BELIEVABLE picture of a supermodei have ever seen. I would say the majority of women look something like this, and if not, this figure would be an achievable goal. She doesnt look bad at all. At 16, i have that same problem with the cellulite on my but and those rolls in the upper back. Its nasty and im getting rid of it, but this picture does make me feel better about myself. This is something i can relate to and im more likely to buy that cute swimsuit seeing her in it than some shapeless stick.

  17. # 17 Jo Says:

    haha.. How ridiculous.. This website is ridiculous.. ‘Superficial Diva’ In other words… Stupid whores who don’t think they’re good enough unless they have tons of surgery and make themselves disgustingly thin….

    To the comment #15… Obesity is fucking awful and disgusting, but it’s no better than being disgustingly skinny. That’s just as dangerous but in different ways…

    Unfortunately, most people looking for supermodels wouldn’t accept this woman… Anyway, she has a nice, healthy body, and that’s good.

    Goddamn, fuck today’s society…. and such a website as this :p

  18. # 18 Lloyd Says:

    Ladies, don’t be jealous just because that’s not you on the other side of the camera ;) at least she’s considered good enough to be a model. I’ll bet most of you bashing her aren’t model material at all. She’s beautiful and people need to quit picking her apart by her supposed “flaws”. You have no right to judge her. You don’t know her story, you don’t know anything about her. All you know about her is her looks, which are quite beautiful and sexy I must say. Get over yourselves and quit being envious. Envy is a terrible sickness and I hope you all get better soon.

  19. # 19 hei Says:

    shes thin but fatty.

  20. # 20 Sasha Says:

    She looks amazing regardless. Of course she’s look different in magazines where everything is photoshopped half to death.

  21. # 21 Kate Says:

    She is fat.

  22. # 22 Ashley Says:

    I’m afraid you have it backwards. It is the TV advertising, fashion shows, and magazine catalogs that are not real.

    Television advertising: edited to show the most flattering frames, the girls are in the most flattering positions, the lingerie is specifically tailored to their body, and they have makeup, smoothing cremes, and shading to give them a flawless look.

    Fashion shows: The girls undergo a strict dieting and exercise regimen prior to the show to tighten things up. It is their occupation to look good and sell VS merchandise. Thus, they can afford to spend 8 hours a day exercising (not healthy or recommended). Combine that with airbrushed makeup, shading, and extravagant outfits/music, and you’ve got a show.

    Magazine catalogs: These are the easiest to manipulate through photoshop.

    What is real? Weight fluctuations, cellulite (even people with anorexia nervosa can have cellulite…it’s a genetic factor), etc. A person’s weight will naturally rest at a unique point for them when they are regularly eating healthy (and ENOUGH) and exercising (with MODERATION). It’s the obsessive dieting and then bingeing that upsets that balance.

    Remember though: some people have natural bodies like these. It’s impossible to tell if every one of the girls’ bodies are natural or excessive dieting/exercise/surgery. The important thing to keep in mind is that what we see the most of on TV, in magazines, music videos, billboards, etc., are thin, beautiful people. Exposure to that has had a normalizing effect on our society. We have shifted cognitively to now believe THAT is what is normal, which means WE have to change. And that is a dangerous and disordered thought to have.


    First, Google search “1920s swimwear” and you’ll see pictures like these:
    https://www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=1920s+swimwear+images Important: spend time looking through the pictures for a bit.

    Second, look at VS’s 2011 swimwear: http://hollywoocelebrity.blogspot.com/2011/04/victorias-secret-swimwear-2011-revealed.html

    Interesting, no?

  23. # 23 Rachel Says:

    I think she has A beautiful face but she is a model! She dosen’t look in shape at all and i think she should just stop doing swimwear fashion shows all together and continue regular work. there are lots of fashion models with cellulite, it’s just a matter of some models having better swimwear bodies and others just not making the cutt.

  24. # 24 Baylee Says:

    She looks fine! Stop whining i mean seriously she is better with MEAT ON HER BONES and the rest of the models look fucking gross they have absolutley NOTHING u can see their bones and they r flabby in the skin and NO ASS OR BARLEY ANY BOOBS ATLEAST SHE HAS SOMETHING

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