Kristen Johnson Lost 60 Pounds

June 20, 2008 By: michelle Category: Skinny Diva

Kristen Johnson has lost 60 pounds after she quit drinking alcohol and eating bad food. Her wake up moment took place back in 2006 when she spent some time in the hospital because of her ulcer bursting.

Now that she has lost so much weight people look at her and believe she is anorexic.
I look at her before and after photos and I think the same. She must be anorexic. No one looses so much weight and no one gets to look so tiny just by having a healthy diet.

Kristen Johnson before and after 60 pounds lost

When actresses lose weight, people can think they are anorexic. It is important to me to say that is not the case here. After a show, you’re so hopped up you have a couple of drinks with friends. Yeah, I’ll stay for another round! That, plus a diet of pizza, BLTs and fries, dinner at 11 p.m.
I was miserable. I think it looks great. I feel amazing. I no longer stress about my body. I’m in a happy place.

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