Courtney Love Is Scary Skinny

June 22, 2008 By: michelle Category: Skinny Diva

Courtney Love made her appearance yesterday in LA. She was wearing a 1920 see- through
dress. In fact there wasn’t much to see through that dress as Courtney looks like a walking skeleton.

I believe this has nothing to do with Kurt Cobain ashes being stolen from her home. Back then she said she will commit suicide because Kurt’s ashes are everything she got left from her husband.

courtney love see through dress

courtney love see through dress

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4 Responses to “ Courtney Love Is Scary Skinny ”

  1. # 1 Beth Says:

    She looks absolutely horrible. I hope she will eat and get herself to some sort of 12 step meeting to deal with whatever issues she has now.

  2. # 2 Kahu Says:

    I love her skin colour in this photo, but its very sad to see her looking unhealthy and very thin. i guess it would be very hard for her and the loss of kurt would be terribly depressing.

  3. # 3 How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  4. # 4 Lauren Says:

    I feel so sorry for Courtney and Kurt’s daughter Frances. She needs to get her mom into a healthy life again! I know she is troubled by Kurt’s lost ashes but still! She should concentrate more on her health!

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