Jessica Alba Wants To Teach Her Daughter Spanish

June 25, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Jessica Alba preparing herself to be a good mother as she wants to keep her Mexican heritage alive through her daughter, even if Jessica’s Spanish linguistic skills are not the best.
So I suppose she will start taking Spanish lessons and then come home and speak in Spanish in front of her daughter even if no one will understand what she says.

Jessica wants to try to brush up on her language skills so that she can start speaking Spanish at home in front of Honor.
She knows that her own Spanish skills are not what they should be, and while she’s always under a lot of criticism, she is trying to make amends for that and do what’s right for her baby.

jessica alba and honor marie

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  1. # 1 real Says:

    She is just saying it for the papers to prove she isn’t racist. If you have to prove your not racist then your racist. In a interview she said she doesn’t like to be known as latina and thats mexicans pop babies all the time. I see you got one yourself lets hope you don’t get another hypocrite. Myself, including alot of people I know in the spanish community no longer watch her movies or her shows because she is a self hating racist. Its sad because without her latin heritage she wouldn’t look the way she does or possibly gotten the work she has. Instead of judging us and looking down on us you should thank us and your family for coming to america to make there life better not putting down your family and the rest of the latin community. Do you even feel any shame?

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