Tori Spelling And Miracle Baby Girl First Photos

June 25, 2008 By: michelle Category: Celebrities With Babies, Diva Flash News

On 9 June Tori Spelling has given birth to her child number 2 a baby girl. As it was expected the first photos are published today in Ok! Magazine.

Tori’s baby girl Stella Doreen is so cute and little and sweet. One thing I do not like in the photo below. Tori’s first baby, Liam who’s almost 2 is put in the back and even if he has a cute face I bet he didn’t liked to be left there in the background.

This photo might say a lot and we all know what happen with kids when they have a new brother and sister. All of them experience the feeling of jealousy. I just hope I would be wrong but I still would have preferred Liam to sit between his parents, closer to his baby sister.

tori spelling miracle baby girl ok magazine

She’s a miracle. I was on one pill and wasn’t feeling well, so I went off of it. Two days later, the doctor put me on another, and on that one day, we conceived. It was meant to be!

My first thought was, ‘My god, she’s so beautiful’. My second thought was, ‘Oh my god, she has black hair! Where did that come from?’ [laughs] Liam has blonde hair and is very fair. She was born with black hair, very tan.

When I saw Stella for the first time, I just bawled my face off out of pure joy. I’ve always heard that there’s nothing like that bond between father and daughter. There is nothing like it — you feel it that moment. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Little boys are awesome. They’re just like a little you. But having a little girl is something else. As a man, you just lose it.

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  1. # 1 Jolene Green Says:

    I totally agree! I know u posted this way along time ago but this photo makes me sad…little Liam says Hey whats going on over there? WHile the parents are so in love with baby sister :(

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