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Amy Winehouse did an interview for Rolling Stone magazine. The interview took place at Amy’s house in North London exactly at the time all the tabloids where talking about that video in which Amy sung a so called ‘racist song’.

The interview seems to be more like a chat and the subject where Amy’s music, Amy’s drugs addiction and Amy’s imprisoned husband.
The interview took place at exactly the next day after the racist video become public and when Amy when outside her home, where the paparazzi where lurking and she apologized.

Amy Winehouse for Rolling Stone magazine cover
Below some extras from the magazine interview

Winehouse has insisted from the beginning of her career that she is a simple girl crazy in love with her man. Her life, her history and talent all seem barely worth talking about when one could talk about Blake, how fit he is, how perfect for each other they are. “We are so in love, we are a team,” she rhapsodizes to me. “Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake.” It’s as if she’s putting herself in a trance.

With her husband gone, Winehouse slid into a despondent place. She canceled her tour at the end of 2007, saying, “I can’t give it my all onstage without my Blake.”
To be honest, my husband’s away, I’m bored, I’m young,” Winehouse tells me. “I felt like there was nothing to live for. It’s just been a low ebb.”

The paparazzi about Amy

“She’s on loads of crack, but you can see through that,” says Simon Gross, a freelance photographer. “I just want for her to get better. I’m hoping someday for that set of pictures of her riding her bike in the park or something healthy.”

Amy about her next album

“Same stuff as my last album but with some ska.” Have you started recording it yet? “It’s not so much about recording, it’s about whatever. When the songs are done, they’ll be all atmospheric and cool like that. . . They might be like these girls I’ve been listening to, like the Shangri-Las.

Amy About Pete Doherty

We’re just good friends. I asked Pete to do a concept EP, and he made this face, he looked at me like I’d pooed on the floor. He wouldn’t do it. We’re just really close.

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