Amy Winehouse Was Great At Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert

June 27, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Amy Winehouse made her appearance at Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert. And she was fabulous! No drinking, no smoking on stage and she didn’t forgot the lyrics. Of course she wore the ‘I love Blake‘ pin in her hair.

Now I regret I wasn’t there to see her perform.

Below is the video with Amy singing at Nelson Mandela Birthday concert: ‘Rehab’, the duet with Jerry Dammers ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ and ‘Valerie

Amy Winehouse at Nelson Mandela 90 Birthday Concert

Photos via ONTD

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4 Responses to “ Amy Winehouse Was Great At Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert ”

  1. # 1 Queen of Puddings Says:

    Were we watching the same concert? From where I was sitting, she looked and sounded dreadful.

    Especially when you compare her performance last night to any of her pre-crack performances.

  2. # 2 someone who watched Says:

    i have to agree with queen i think her performance was awfull,
    she has a wonderfull voice but at the mandela party u heard nothing of it,the free nelson mandela song at the end was butcherd by her a real shame

  3. # 3 Zoe Says:

    Looks like she put some weight back on. Lets hope she can get her life together.

  4. # 4 Leanne Says:

    The show was horrible; and she kept itching herself AND pulling down her skirt. She was clearly uncomfortable and her performance wasn’t up to par.

    Also: the pin did NOT say ‘I love black’. It was ‘I love Blake’.

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