Miley Cyrus And The Pink Hard Concert Candy You Won’t Eat

June 30, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Do you like chewing gum or candies? Well if you like that and if you are a Miley Cyrus fan then you would probably have no problem with chewing these lollies.

The ‘quitar’ candy must be Miley’s favorite as it is has such a smooth shape and the color! Yes the color is so girly. Pink is good for her tongue. If this one would have been green I would have said it belongs to an alien but I guess their products are only for humans so… enjoy your hard candy.

Photo via ONDT

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4 Responses to “ Miley Cyrus And The Pink Hard Concert Candy You Won’t Eat ”

  1. # 1 Jen Says:

    I don’t want to dound perverted but it kind of looks like a penis. Poor Miley . She is so talented but her camp seems to be filled with morons who make decisions based on profits rather than Miley’s best intrest.

  2. # 2 Sheila Says:

    I thought it looked like a penis too at first!

  3. # 3 Jeanne Says:

    I definitely think it looks penisey!!

  4. # 4 ubertacky Says:

    The China manufacturer probably forgot to flush the vat after making a run of Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon gummies.

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