Who Cares Victoria Beckham Was a Bad Kisser Back in 1995?

July 01, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Victoria Beckham has admitted she had a relationship with Corey Haim. Their relationship involved only kissing and no sex. They were together back in 1995 before she become famous with the Spice Girls.

We didn’t have sex or anything,’ she recalls. ‘In actual fact, he didn’t seem to want to try. The most we did was kiss. Looking back it’s hard to work out whether I really fancied him or if I was just a bit of a sad fan.

Victoria Beckham takes a break from a photo shoot

Victoria made this statement because some while ago Corey said about her that she is a bad kisser.
I guess no one cares about what Corey said as long as Victoria is the WIFE of the famous and beautiful and hot David Beckham.

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