Dita Von Teese Will Dance At Prince Harry Birthday Party

July 31, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Prince Charles has hired Dita Von Teese to ‘dance’ at Prince Harry birthday party. The only thing Mr. Charles didn’t knew when he did that was that Dita is a burlesque diva and her dance show is not quite the thing at a prince birthday party.

Even though I doubt Prince Harry will be upset or offended by his father present. No one can resist to Dita’s naked performance in a huge martini glass. Some people wish they could be the olive Diva plays with during that show.

Poor Charles was so embarrassed when he realized what he’d done. He genuinely had no idea about her raunchy stage act.
She was stunned when he suggested the idea, explaining that his son loved a good dance.
But he gnawed his fist to within an inch of its knuckle when his aides explained what sort of dancing she did for a living.

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