Mitch Winehouse Believes Someone Gave Amy Ecstasy

July 31, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Mitch Winehouse, Wino’s father is playing the shout your eyes and don’t accept the reality father game. The day Amy Winehouse was released from hospital because she mixed up the medication she should take to keep her away from drugs, Mitch talked to the press.

And Mitch believes someone put ecstasy into Amy’s drinks. How blind does he has to be to say and believe that?

I know parents use to close their eyes and make themselves not see the truth because the truth could be to hurtful, but come on Mitch! Amy is going to die, she is a crack addict, no one put ecstasy into her drinks without her approval!

Amy Winehouse homemade crack kitten crack-pipe

As about the photo, this was taken in Amy’s crack den and you can see there a crack kitten. Amy must love another thing apart drugs and that is cats. So she came up with this crack pipe, crack kitten thing. The kitten is not real, is ceramic so all you PETA fans out there stay cool. No animal was hurt while taking this photo.

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  1. # 1 movie nerd Says:

    Winehouse could attract media attention in her sleep

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