Balthazar Getty Doesn’t Love Sienna Miller

August 02, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

This is not as I was expecting it to be but still is a good thing. Of course is not good for Sienna Miller but is good to know Balthazar Getty is still able to think with his head and not with his dick.

After those sexy photos with Sienna and Getty that embarrassed both of them and the divorce news of Rosetta, Getty’s wife things start to change. Getty felt so embarrassed and he probably realized (even if I doubt it) that Sienna is just a homewrecker so he is trying now to get back with his wife; even if he does that by email, which is kind of stupid.

The best part is that Rosetta might forgive Balthazar and she is prepared to give him a second chance.
Sienna better seek for another married man whose marriage she could turn apart.

Sienna Miller at lax airport grey t-shirt

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