Samantha Ronson Is Not A Good DJ

August 02, 2008 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News

I suppose this is the first news about Samantha Ronson that has nothing to do with her best/gay friend Lindsay Lohan.

Ian Drew, the Us magazine’s editor said for abc news that Samantha Ronson is not a good DJ. Apparently you have to be very drunk or under the influences of drugs to like Samantha Ronson songs.

I think this is has to be had for Samantha to know she is called for parties only because of her well known friends that she will bring with her, like she did for Victoria Beckham’s Allure party this week.

Note to self
Why a straight woman would wear such a gay t-shirt?

Samantha Ronson gay t-shirt

She’s not a particularly good DJ. When you see her DJ, she really looks asleep at the wheel. She’ll smoke cigarettes and just click through the songs on her laptop. She’s like the friend with a bunch of records that you had come over when you had house parties in your parents’ basement. The more drunk or high you get, the better she sounds. When you book Samantha Ronson for a party, you’re not booking her because she’s a great DJ. You’re booking her because you know she’s going to draw a crowd and get your club in the press. That’s how she can charge the highest fees. They know if they book Samantha, Lindsay’s going to come.

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  1. # 1 nicola Says:

    best dj at clubs lindsay is just a plus

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