Eva Mendes Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

August 03, 2008 By: michelle Category: Diva Flash News, Wishlist

Eva MendesSecret Obsession‘ for Calvin Klein commercial ad has been banned from TV.

If you take a look below at the ad you will figure out why it was banned. Eva shows too much skin and she is too sexy for television.

Shame. This ad should be everywhere. Eva is gorgeous.

This goes on my wishlist too.

Eva Mendes Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

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4 Responses to “ Eva Mendes Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein ”

  1. # 1 twingirl Says:

    Eva is gorgeous! Calvin klein does the sexiest ads.

  2. # 2 David Says:

    The video is no longer available :-(

  3. # 3 diva Says:

    They are trying to remove all the Secret Obsession ads videos from you tube. This is the third I’m embedding here. Probably in no time it will stop being available again.

  4. # 4 hank Says:

    what’s the music on it?

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