Jennifer Aniston Will Marry John Mayer?

August 05, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Jennifer Aniston is getting married!! Or at least that’s what Ok magazine is telling us from this week cover.

The lucky man is John Mayer and seems the magazine has all the details on the upcoming wedding.
I know a lot of people wish to see Jennifer married and maybe pregnant, but is John Mayer the right man for her?

What do you think? Is this true? Is John the one for Jennifer?


According to Us magazine Jennifer Aniston’s rep denies all those rumors according to whom Aniston is going to marry John Mayer. There will be no baby for Jennifer this time either.

But her rep tells “She is not getting married.”
Says Aniston’s rep: “Both headlines are complete fabrications.”

Jennifer Aniston Ok magazine wedding cover

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2 Responses to “ Jennifer Aniston Will Marry John Mayer? ”

  1. # 1 Roxanne Says:

    I hope she does marry John Mayer. They would make a wonderful couple. She will be doing a lot better than that stupid man she was married to Brad Pitt. He is a jerk for giving up beautiful Jennifer Aniston for that big lipped Angelina Jolie. Jenn was so much better than that husband stiller. But he was not much better if doing a movie with her made him leave her. Your loss Brad, John’s big gain.

  2. # 2 zagge Says:

    i agree with you

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