Miley Cyrus Has A Sex Tape?

August 08, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

There is a rumor saying that Miley Cyrus have a sex tape!! I can’t believe this. Miley is only 15, why would people create such rumors. I won’t defend Miley because the internet is full of her racy photos but saying she has a sex tape is the ultimate thing.

It’s said the tape was filmed during Miley’s relationship with Nick Jonas.

“Nick goes all the way to first base and almost gets to second — you can see his hand kind of going up her shirt,” said a source close to the Jonas camp who has seen the tape. “There’s even a little dry humping near the end. Miley is such a total slut!”

Do you believe this crap?

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Miley Cyrus out and about

miley cyrus green bra miley cyrus racy photos from myspace 1 miley cyrus racy photos from myspace 2 miley cyrus racy photos from myspace 3 miley cyrus racy photos from myspace 4

Photo via celebutopia

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31 Responses to “ Miley Cyrus Has A Sex Tape? ”

  1. # 1 Ann Says:

    So, is that before or after the purity ring thing? Kids these days…

  2. # 2 mandy Says:

    she is so nasty, what happpened to the old miley when she was little.

  3. # 3 katie Says:

    i will tell you what happened:she just became a … like 99% of american girls i mean that’s normal but that one is only 16 years old so she’s just simply a …

  4. # 4 LoG_dreamer Says:

    i agree all of them almost… … … … ..

  5. # 5 candy Says:

    it is inposible couse nick have a purity ring he can´t have sex just after he be married so i just have to say that it is a rumor that can´t be true it is inposible

  6. # 6 Brenda Aniscar Says:

    sorry but are … is you …
    Ok miley have 16 nobadys is perfec you,you,and you(up) likes Joe Jonas?He said this you MILEY ARE THE BEST NO **** OR *** OK NO PLEASE OK? OR YOU ARE THE … THIKS YOU LIKES I DON’T KNO AND SORRY I SPEAK A LITTLE ENGLISH

  7. # 7 Mariale Says:

    I think all this stuff is lie cause milety cyrus has a purity ring and she is a very good girl, i know that and also nick jonas ( I LOVE HIM) and he also has a purity ring so!

  8. # 8 lola Says:


  9. # 9 vianey Says:

    Miley cyrus es una estupida! ella si tiene video porno! y pues ni modos! la niña engaño a todos! aparte que ni cantar sabe! osea niños dejen de ver tanta pendejada! arriba 30stm!

  10. # 10 claudia Says:

    yo creo ke sacarse fotos asi no es nada malo
    aparte ella es super
    cada quien hace lo ke kiere
    con su vida y nosotros no
    estamos para
    criticarla nosotros no somos

  11. # 11 laura Says:

    donde puedo ver el video porno de miley cyrus…??? decidmelo si lo sabeis por faa!!!!

  12. # 12 lalaman68 Says:

    alot of ppl say that Miley Cyrus is a slut cuz of her pics, others say that every teen girl takes pics of them selves like that too look sexy but hackers or back stabbing friends post them up all over internet. What i personally think is what i feel about teenagers these days! if u go out side u can see alot teen girls dressing like sluts, shorts that almost reach their private area, tank tops, bras exposed and always around alot of guyz. They like the attention, not to say all teen girls are like that but girls are gettin more slutty and slutty. Back in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s if girls were to dress like that, they would think of them as prostitutes or whores. Society now finds it fine or even the latest fashion to dress like that. teen girls arn’t the only problem the boys can be too, getting in to gangs, drugs or even porn. There is no religion or faith in ppl anymore, and that just makes them think they can do what ever they want. teenagers call them selves cristian or muslim or jewish but when they commit sins like that they really aren’t what they think they are. Alot of non-slutty teenage girls are Muslim and you can tell by what they wear. I’m a muslim and all i want to say is that people need to have some sort of faith with God not just go with what society tells them. alot of atheists or non religious people have problems and for proof look at celebrities these days.

  13. # 13 karla Says:

    therefore k bad noo wave kle steal the pictures that people who own the best dediquena rather than what other people if miley are making their problem is not that much? is a adolecente = me and that much.
    All teenagers do the same thing if our body our Nadam, it may not have done that with myley.
    myley is a very nice girl and I still =. what they did not sell their bodies is cursed.

    Hackers do not

    were affected.


    myley reminds you support for more information please the page. / sondeishon

    tkm means I love you much in mexico

  14. # 14 lalaman68 Says:

    srry karla but where u talkin to me, cuz i didn’t get anything u said

  15. # 15 kathlyn Says:

    no no non nonono¡¡¡¡¡¡pero que cosas si que se meten con las estrellas¡¡¡¡¡y es que los paparazzis no tienen oficio dejenlos empaz¡¡¡ ¿que NO puede una persona comun y corriente como ellos tener privacidad? sinceramente BUSQUEN OFICIO PAPARAZZIS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  16. # 16 mariissa Says:

    the blech ert djklkv qwas per bredas

  17. # 17 cristy Says:

    que estupuda la mylea es una zorra puta

  18. # 18 Arturo Sotomayor Says:

    Today, experts in design can create any kind of video from just the face of any person. It happen iun Mexico, where a presenter called Galilea Montijo was performed by a porno actress in a sexual video. Of course the trick was catched, and the actress and camera man had to accept that video was not original, when Galilea prepared a demand. I don’t think that celebrities feel glad to be recorded having sex. I think Miley could be preparing a demand against any resposible for publish the video. I don’t think there is any video.

  19. # 19 deylud Says:

    hola miley eres linda
    ¨hanna see ve bn ser dos personas y xq nadien sepa solo tu mejor*amiga* sepa tu mayor secreto !!!
    piensan alunas chikcas xq
    eres estupida,yo pienzo xq n eres asi deberia cuidar tu imaen y no tomarte esas crases de fotos

  20. # 20 ferdy19 Says:

    i dont even know what to believe in, cuz i dont think nick would break his promise, and if the video thing were truth at least short parts of the video were running on the internet so definitely the video rumor isnt truth….

    and their parents ( nick’s or miley’s ) should’ve say something about it.

    by the way and her age too and if i were her i wouldnt have taken those pictures…

  21. # 21 Dezy p Says:

    Honestly I think that people look for every celebrity to fail and fall in to those things…you have to remember that everyone is human wether your famous or not…things happen people make decisions sometimes there not the greatest but people should not speak such bad things into someones life wether you hate them or not…Miley Cyrus is not perfect and nether are you but i do realize that she is a romodle and does need to live by a certin standered but dont talk so bad about her if she fails or if anyone fails…encourcage them and help them….judge not least you be judge…think about all of the things that you have done and then think about what you are going to say about someone else….

  22. # 22 kara Says:

    thats not true or is it?i wanna see the video for proof

  23. # 23 carlos palou Says:

    miley that foto no,with no clothe yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeessss!

  24. # 24 carlos agustin Says:

    what hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. # 25 zayra Says:

    ai tomarse fotos asi no es malo de echo yo tambien me tomo fotos asi
    y es su cuerpo puede aser lo que quiera con el pinche jente metiche
    se meten en lo qe no les importa

    un cosejo par miley “is your boddy ok ”
    puedes aser lo qe se te pege la gana con el okei

    bueno te mando un beso

    this is my msn ;;


  26. # 26 Lissa Says:

    Okay, here’s the deal:
    A) Just because you have a purity ring on your finger, doesn’t mean that ring is actually going to stop you from having sex if you want to. Teenagers are horny people, it takes a lot of willpower to say no.

    B) I highly doubt there’s an actual sex tape, and if there is? Do yourselves a favor and… DON’T BUY IT. People are basically out to get these poor kids for acting their age, and it’s disgusting. Being famous doesn’t mean you’re no longer allowed to make mistakes, and exploiting them for every mistake they do make is a vile and disgusting thing to do.

    For Christ sakes, they’re like.. 16, 17 now? Just leave them alone. -.-

  27. # 27 lol Says:

    how can i find the s** tape?

  28. # 28 Miley scarton Says:

    ay q ver es vrdad lo q dicn q ese cuerpo es tuyo y tu hacs lo q kieras cn el pro eso no se hace eso es privado si t da la gana t tomas las fotos q kieras pro no para q las subas x internet q decepcion yo era tu fans Nº 1 pero ahora pienso q ers una perra nunk imagine eso d ti maldita zorra.

  29. # 29 Ha Says:

    Miley is such a slut. There is no need for this bullshit the world is shit because of it.

    Also the Jonas brothers are man whores.

  30. # 30 Lizzy J Connon Says:

    I adore Miley! She’s so wild!

  31. # 31 Paco McBob Says:

    She is retarded as hell. I feel like choking myself each time I see her nasty face.

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