Jennifer Aniston Did Something To Her Lip

August 09, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Jennifer Aniston made some adjustments to her already beautiful face and she chosen to change her lips. She was probably not so much into her thin top lip line that she chosen to change that.

It’s painful to see how these beautiful celebrities are damaging their bodies because they do not love themselves.

Having a bigger top lip doesn’t make Aniston look sexier and it will not bring back Brad Pitt, who’s probably very in love of Angelina sensual lips.

jennifer aniston lips then and now

She seems to have had her lips ‘re-engineered’ with a series of plumping injections.
The work apparently took place in early July, after Miss Aniston ducked out of sight in the weeks before the birth of her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s twins with Angelina Jolie.
‘It seems obvious she had some work done,’ a close friend said, noting her lips had a ‘stiff, unnatural pucker that just didn’t fit the rest of her face’.

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  1. # 1 Anonymous Says:

    The “Now” picture isn’t even Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston has a very straight nose and the “Now” picture’s nose is very sloped. The “Now” picture girl looks like a very young version of Jen Aniston, but it isn’t her.

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