Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Samantha Ronson Birthday – Superficial Links

August 09, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Links

This week Samantha Ronson celebrated her 31 birthday.

Of course she didn’t celebrated alone, her pal Lindsay Lohan was there to hold her hand and make her happy.

lindsay lohan at samantha ronson birthday party

Jessica Simpson is the got chick singing in Indianapolis. (via mompopson)
Jamie-Lynn takes her daughter Maddie to Wally World. (via ONDT)
Eva Longoria what’s that under your t-shirt? It could be a baby bump? (via 7confessions)
Katie Holmes has a new hair cut. (via gravyandbiscuits)
Heather Ledger suicide investigation is now closed (via behindblondiepark)
Jenna Jameson is pregnant (via celebrityroyale)

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