Katie Holmes Can’t Roll-up Tom Cruise’s Jeans Because She Is Taller Than He

August 10, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

You wouldn’t have guessed that Katie Holmes was paid to wear those rolled up baggy jeans for so many days in a row, didn’t you? Me neither!

Well, according to Us magazine Jeanne Yang, the Cruise own stylist said that those pegged jeans were nothing else then Tom Cruise Prps Jeans.

Prps has adapted the style for women in the new fall collection as the Boyfriend jean

If this is true then Prps had a wonderful marketing strategy, they wouldn’t have made it so far without Katie. What I do not understand is why Katie’s jeans are rolled-up if those are Tom’s jeans.

The magazine says Tom is 5’7’’ tall and Katie is 5’9’’. So Katie is taller than Tom, why in the world would she roll them up. I mean those jeans if Tom’s should have been shorter not longer. Correct me if I am wrong.

Here is Katie wearing another pair of jeans, which are not so disturbing.

katie holmes new jeans

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