Sienna Miller Wants Rosetta To Confess

August 10, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

Sienna Miller is trying everything possible to get rid of her fame as a home wrecker. This is the only thing that upsets her so much these days. She knows that being known for such things is not good for her career.

After trying the friend story that didn’t worked, Sienna wants Balthazar to make Rosetta confess that their marriage was over before he started dating Sienna.

I guess Sienna has one chance to be forgiven and that would be to have a child with Balthazar. Because kids are always cute we will forget about this story and we’ll be talking about the baby not about Sienna.

sienna miller and getty balthazar at the pharmacy

Sienna is being portrayed as a femme fatale and fears for her career because Hollywood hates a home wrecker. She hopes Balthazar can get Rosetta to put out a statement saying their marriage was already over. They have already got friends to speak out, saying he was sleeping on their sofas.

When Balthazar went away in May, Rosetta thought it was to see his sick mum in Germany. But she now knows that it was to cavort with Sienna in Prague.

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  1. # 1 The truth will set you free Says:

    Balthazar and Rosetta Getty were smiling and hugging each other at the Opening Night Preview Party for the LA Antiques Show April 23, 2008 (see picture at So they separated when, Sienna?????

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