Victoria and David Beckham Involved in a Car Accident

August 24, 2008 By: michelle Category: Superficial Diva

On imdb there’s this news saying that Victoria and her husband David Beckham were involved in a car crash on Friday.

David and Victoria were in France at that time and they were heading to the airport. David had to catch a flight for Beijing.

The article doesn’t says why the car was crashed but it looks like they hit a wall. Victoria seemed to be very scared and David comfort her. But then he had to leave to catch that flight for Beijing to appear at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

So the Beckhams are ok. I will do some research on this news and update with more information soon.

I don’t know why but I smelled this one is a fake rumor. That’s why I said I will research and update.
Now according to etonline the news about Beckham’s car crush is not true.

“This is a complete fabrication, absolutely not true,” a spokesperson for the star couple tells ET.

David Beckham during the closing ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Olympics

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