Jessica Alba Talks About Her Wedding

August 25, 2008 By: michelle Category: Magazine Cover

This is not a new cover but I thought it would be ok to write about it. In fact I was always curios what happened with Jessica Alba’s wedding and in Cosmopolitan UK the august issue she talks about the wedding. The proposal she says it’s a secret but she accepted Cash’s proposal right away.

If you remember Jessica and Cash got married just a few weeks before their girl was born and everyone criticized her for getting married like that with no photos sold to some great magazine, without thousands of guests and without all the fuss a celebrity wedding usual has.

Well, we’d talked about the possibility of having a wedding before the birth, but nothing was decided. Then we just thought, ‘Why not?’ We wanted to do it for ourselves, not for anyone else, so it just made sense. It was very romantic, though. Cash designed the ring himself. He decided he wanted to wear one, too — I didn’t even have to force him! How he proposed is a secret but, needless to say, I said yes right away. We’re not a typical Hollywood couple. I love that he’s not an actor.

jessica alba cosmopolitan uk august 2008 cover

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